Snow Day aka “Wouldn’t it be funny to see a dog on a sled?”

Yesterday felt like spring
Fast forward 24 hours….

Had our first New York snow day today! Literally three days ago I was lamenting that O had only worn his new snow pants twice this winter and today we woke up to a doozie.  Nearly a foot of snow fell in NYC overnight and through the morning. Schools were closed, some businesses were closed, many people worked from home.  Don’t get me wrong, this was no “Snowmaggedon”, no one was stockpiling groceries and water a week in advance, but it was pretty dramatic to wake up to that much snow after a balmy day in the 60s yesterday.

While dramatic, it was somewhat expected…if my time in St. Louis has taught me anything, it’s that if the weather forecast shows a huge change in temperature from one day to the next, there will be an epic storm. In the Midwest you could expect a severe thunder storm or tornado warning/watch (the warning sirens would be sounding in town). In New York we got a snow storm.

With yesterday’s temps in the 60s, O wore a sweatshirt and vest to the park.  This afternoon we went sledding!

When we moved here our neighbour told us that New Yorkers love sledding and with enough snow every hill in the park becomes a toboggan hill. She wasn’t joking! We bought our sled at the hardware store yesterday in anticipation of the storm, but everyone seems to have one. When we got to Central Park West and 86th there were tons of kids sledding and playing in the snow. We saw some practicing snowboarding, while others brought out their cross country skis. It was so nice to see the smiling faces and rosy cheeks. O was having the best time going down hill, farther and farther each time. At one point he turned to me and said “wouldn’t it be funny to see a dog on a sled?” Made me laugh because I’ve definitely never considered it, but today would have been a perfect day to have a big dog pull us in the sled!

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