Happy Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day of love has arrived and little Cupid is out launching arrows at unsuspecting passers by. Walking around the neighbourhood the last few days, you knew something was up…extra boxes of roses being delivered to flower shops; ubiquitous pharmacy displays with cards and teddy bears; cupcakeries, macaron shops and other bakeries filled with chocolate and red velvet heart-shaped delights.

O is old enough to know it’s a special day, so this year we decided to do a family Valentine’s Day celebration.  For a few days I had been thinking to make a special breakfast (heart-shaped pancakes perhaps?) but our heart-shaped mold was tossed in our last move and I didn’t feel like buying a new one. Then yesterday, walking by Orwasher’s bakery, I saw exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for…chocolate challah bread! Challah french toast!!! So today I woke up early and set the table all nice with cards and chocolates for my husband and O, then we ate our amazing French toast in our pjs. It was so relaxing that O didn’t realize it was a school day and the only way I could get him to go to school was to remind him that they would be having a party.

Valentine’s Day is a big deal at O’s school and the children (mostly with significant help from their parents) hand-make Valentine’s cards for their classmates. At the pre-school level they only write their own name on the back so you know who it’s  “from” for ease of distribution. Then they come home with a bag full of special cards to cherish for weeks to come.

We made cards during our snow day last week. O and I painted pictures with watercolours in the morning, which we later cut out into little hearts and glued onto another piece of paper. The activity was fun, but the best part was it gave him a reason to practice writing his name 21 times. This is a big deal for a boy who thinks writing is “too hard”, but now can write his name like a champ. He even made a special card for a little girl in class he “loves”. The other day he asked me to arrange a play date with her so I asked if they talk in class much. It turns out he’d never spoken to her! And so it begins….

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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