Calm before the storm

Last week was the first I’d heard of the Nor’easter, a type of winter storm akin to snowmaggedon, where schools are closed and non essential persons are told to stay off the roads.   It’s the very storm system making its way to NYC as we speak.

We are from Canada and having grown up in the snow belt I have had some experience with snow.  Now living in an apartment where we don’t have to shovel the driveway and sidewalk we are well equipped to handle the 12 – 18 inches of snow forecast to start falling at midnight.  I’m not worried.

So, what happens in NYC when a storm is looming?:

-many text alerts of Blizzard conditions to come from “Notify NYC”

– 9am: high volume at Foodkick.  The last available delivery slot was for 9-10 PM tonight!  Usually they still have 1 hour service at that time.

– 10am: Craziness at Fairway when picking up a few specifics.  All of the grocery carts and baskets were in use; people were everywhere and there were five distinct lines for the cash registers which were snaked through the aisles.  And yes, it’s a Monday!

-noon: official phone notification of school closure tomorrow

-several texts from my mother-in-law warning me of the upcoming snow storm.

In the meantime, it’s nearly 2 pm on a calm, sunny, dry, freezing cold day.  Heading out for O’s soccer class soon and looking forward to a cozy snow day tomorrow.  We have food, water, new library books and a sled that is begging to be taken for another spin!

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