So how was the storm?

We survived!  Hahaha, of course we did. I’m actually just writing this to close the loop from my earlier post.

The “storm of the century” missed us and we were downgraded from “blizzard” to “winter weather”. We got 8 inches of snow and a bunch of freezing rain.  All the kids had a snow day, and many adults took one too, or worked from home.  It was a really nice, lazy, snowy family day.  We read books, did puzzles, went to a friend’s house for dinner.    Tried to go sledding, and got almost to Riverside Park but O decided that getting blasted in the face with freezing rain really wasn’t worth it, so we went home.

The streets of Manhattan were almost devoid of vehicular traffic, but there were still a few pedestrians, and people trying to shovel their cars out of snowbanks. Most businesses and doctors clinics were closed and subway service was spotty, but coffee shops and pharmacies were open, along with some grocery stores and liquor stores on shortened hours.  All in all, the city’s gears kept turning, albeit at a much slower pace.

Besides the first responders who had to brave the conditions (including one ambulance that got stuck in the snow on Broadway), I’d also like to give a shout out to all the hardworking apartment staff who shoveled snow and ice from sidewalks to keep us pedestrians safe.

Thank you!




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