Intrepid Summer Movie Series 2017!


Who loves “Top Gun” as much as I do?   It is only the end of March and I am super excited for May 26!  That, my friends, is the day that the Intrepid Air and Space Museum launches it’s annual free movie series with my favourite 80’s movie.  Outdoors.  On the flight deck.  Of an aircraft carrier. Among stealth bombers and jets.   It just can’t get any more authentic.

Last year we moved to NYC in May but we didn’t learn about this amazing event until July when some friends told us how their 3-hour wait in line (tickets are first-come-first-serve and limited) was SO worth it.  The museum builds an outdoor movie screen on the flight deck for the summer and people bring blankets, chairs, picnics and “non-alcoholic” beverages.  It was like being in Top Gun while watching the movie.  Sigh!  I couldn’t wait.

While visiting the museum this past January, we found out that members get to reserve their tickets for the summer movies in advance AND had special access to the flight deck via a members only line.  Well, as you can imagine, that sold me!  So now we are members and I have reserved our tickets for May.

In case you are wondering about the museum itself, it is pretty cool.  There is a submarine to tour, a space shuttle, the aircraft carrier with tons of planes and a hands-on exhibition for kids.  It’s located at Pier 86 (at west 46th street).  Tickets are pricey (but kids under 5 are free), so if you plan to go more than twice a year it’s worthwhile to get a membership.   And since memberships to museums in NYC are all at least partially tax-deductible, it makes even more sense.  Oh, and don’t forget the front-of-the-line movie access!

Here is the full movie list, as announced today.   See you there!



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