Cake pops and gummy bears

The other day, I was looking for dinner ideas and came across “how to make rosée gummies” (yes!  From wine!).  I then found tons of recipes for DIY gummy bears using only juice, honey and grass-fed gelatin, which sounded like a good compromise to my health-conscious brain and insatiable sweet tooth.  I bought grass-fed gelatin from Amazon and asked around to see if anyone had gummy bear moulds (which I could have bought, but I don’t actually WANT more “stuff”).   My neighbor laughed and told me that it was probably time for me to go back to work – hahahaha!  Probably true!

In lieu of gummy bear moulds, I ended up using some heart-shaped silicone muffin tins I had and experimenting with different juices.   While they don’t actually taste as sweet as standard gummies, I am hooked, and since O and my husband don’t care for them, I get to enjoy them.

In other news, I officially joined the American bandwagon and learned to make cake-pops.   A German friend had previously taken a class and invited O and I over to learn the tricks of the trade.  The cake-pops are not healthy, but are fun to make and eat.

Scroll down to learn the methods, but otherwise here is a picture of our creations:

O holding a cake-pop he made and one I made

1) take a pound cake and crumble it finely with your hands.

2) add a few spoonfuls of frosting and knead it until it’s the consistency of play-dough.

3) make a big ball of dough, wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 5 min.

4) melt your chocolate (either chocolate wafers or other chocolate) in the microwave on “defrost” mode so it doesn’t scorch.   use a mug so the chocolate container is deeper.

5) make little balls from the refrigerated dough.

6) dip a cake-pop stick in chocolate, then spear the dough balls.  Refrigerate some more (5-10 min).

7) dip the cake pops into the chocolate quickly and swirl, swirl, swirl the stick to get off the excess.

8) let chocolate start to harden and decorate!


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