Easter in New York….and Savannah

The Upper West Side has been getting ready for Easter all week – Hot cross buns at Le Pain Quotidien, giant Easter egg displays at Citarella, decorations at Maison Kaiser and Easter baskets galore.

At home we painted eggs and decorated the house.  While I was drawing a bunny on an egg and dip-dyeing it, O was using watercolour paints to make his eggs look like planets (look Mom, it’s Earth!). The creativity and choice you have with watercolours is so much more interesting than the dip-dye kits…next year we’all follow O’s lead!

Easter in New York wouldn’t be complete without an Easter egg hunt…and where better to have one than Central Park?  One of the families from school invited us to their 9th annual event.  Over 100 people RSVP’d!  After the kids find all the Easter Eggs, there will be a big BBQ picnic in the park.

Having said all that…several months ago we booked a family trip to Savannah, GA for the holiday weekend. We have never been and something really drew me here. Instead of NYC, we are spending our Easter walking through parks filled with giant trees laced with Spanish Moss, visiting Timber wolves at the Oakland Island Visitor Centre, swimming in the hotel pool and eating Leopold’s ice cream.

“Savannah time” is quite a bit slower than a New York minute, to say the least, but we are enjoying it.   Walked over to Forsyth Park this afternoon and counted 7 hammocks handing from trees, 3 boys doing gymnastics on the lawn, 2 groups of people practicing tightrope walking from trees and several Easter Egg hunts.  Very laid back day.

Sitting under the shady tree canopy made me realize how much I can’t wait for the leaves to grow in New York, and spring to really bloom.   Much as I’m enjoying springtime in Savannah, I cannot imagine how hot it will get. I’ll take a Northeastern summer any day!

Happy Easter… and now for my mint julep.

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