Unexpected Art

I’m not an artist or a connoisseur, but it doesn’t take much to open your eyes and see art and beauty all around.

For example, this past weekend we went to a friend’s graduation party at a small art gallery in Chinatown.   We went for a fun night out and to  celebrate the hard work that went into getting her Master’s degree.  The art at the gallery (not created by our friend) was a mix of modern paintings and photographs of flowers in shattering vases; images that must have been very difficult to capture.  The photos caught the exact moment of the explosion/breakage where the flowers hadn’t even moved yet.  Such a good idea, and well executed.

While the party was a private event, there were actually a few “walk ins” by some neighbours.   One of the guys would have been perfect for “Humans of New York” – his “look” was the art. He had brushed out waves of shoulder length hair, and he wore a black button-up shirt with salmon pink Chinese dragon prints on it, black cuffed pants and salmon pink Converse sneakers.  His outfit was so cool you could tell we weren’t on the Upper West Side anymore.

After the party, we headed out for a late bite and passed by a black wall with white lettering: “this woman is not who she seems to be”.  It was such a powerful message all the ladies took turns under it for a photo.


While New York is certainly known for its world class museums and fashion houses, this weekend reaffirmed for me the depth and importance of street art (and street style) for making this city so interesting.

And as an aside: here’s a picture of me sleeping, as taken by my budding 4 year old photographer.


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