Memorial Day weekend in NYC

Officially, Memorial Day is a U.S. Holiday to remember those who died in service as part of the armed forces; unofficially it marks the beginning of the summer season.   It’s America’s May 2-4.   As in Canada, those with a cottage (aka summer house on Long Island) tend to go there for the long weekend for festivities and fireworks.   Those of us who stayed in the city made other fun plans.

In the spirit of celebrating the armed forces, the USS Intrepid, a war plane carrier ship (now a museum at Pier 86) hosted its annual screening of Top Gun on the flight deck.  Those of you who read my prior post about this museum know how excited I was to go.   The whole week it threatened to rain on Friday and I was seriously concerned, but at the last minute the rain kept away and we watched Tom Cruise flying fighter jets beside actual fighter jets!  Best way to watch the movie by far.

On Saturday and Sunday of the long weekend I had booked myself into a mini tennis camp for adults at Central Park Tennis from 11am – 1 pm.   My coach took our group of 4 adults and whipped us into shape with drills and games.   I’m not a great player, but with all that repetition and feedback, I definitely improved.  Two hours of tennis had quite the effect as I took a nap on Saturday.   Sunday there was no time for a nap as we were invited to a BBQ on a friend’s terrace, but I fell asleep at 8:30 pm that night!  And even now my muscles are sore…

Monday of Memorial Day was cold and rainy so we decided to take O bowling for the first time.  We went to a beautiful bowling alley at Times Square called Bowlmor.  The lanes were updated with a computer that was hooked up to the kitchen/bar so you could order food and drinks without getting up and pay for them on the spot.   O used the bumpers and tried his hand at “granny rolls” before trying and preferring the ramp.   None of us broke 100, but good fun was had by all.  As a treat we went to the Ben and Jerry’s store nearby for some ice cream.

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