My Craziest Online Purchase

Truth:  I love shopping online.  When O was born my mom joked that we had packages arriving every day (not true! But, oh, the unexpected things new babies need).

Truth: Online shopping in the US is  far superior to online shopping in Canada.  The selection of companies you can order from is astounding and most offer free shipping.   With greater competition and greater purchasing power in the US, we also see lower prices.

Truth: NYC takes online shopping up a notch: order groceries through Fresh Direct, Amazon Fresh and Instacart, alcohol through Drizly, food from any of the numerous restaurant repositories, sundries from Costco, Whole Foods, Pier 1, Pet Smart, a music shop, all though Google Express .

Truth:  I will try most things once.   I have bought from and sold to Thred Up , a second hand online clothing retailer,  I’ve had good luck with Stitch Fix – an online service where a personal stylist chooses 5 pieces for your box and you unwrap a surprise of new clothes and accessories each month (or however often you choose) and my husband’s love of socks is being held over with his Sock-of-the-month club membership.

As I mentioned before, I do my share of online shopping.  Between a pre-schooler who is in school only three hours a day and a husband who works late, what’s a woman to do?  My go-to site by far is, where I buy toys, books, birthday gifts, etc.   That is also where I made my craziest purchase:  A Full Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree

I did not plan to buy a Bonsai, but on a recent visit to the Brooklyn botanical gardens I saw their gorgeous Bonsai display (quick fact: Bonsai is the method used to keep trees small…any type of tree can be a Bonsai).   The gardens were also selling Bonsai in the gift shop and I was intrigued. I didn’t want to cart one home on the subway, but lo and behold!  They sell live trees on Amazon…with good reviews!

My tree arrived in a matter of days, it was in perfect condition and the soil was still damp.  It was quite small, but that was ok as I had read the reviews. There were enough packing peanuts in the box to keep O occupied for hours, and it even came with Bonsai food.  Major win!  I have since studied up on Bonsai care and would love to start making cool Bonsais with different seedlings, but alas, that will have to wait until we stop moving around for work and are able to settle down for more than two or three years.

I would love to hear about your craziest online purchase!

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