New York Botanical Gardens – Nights and CHIHULY

Nights and CHIHULY at the New York Botanical Gardens is an after-dark experience where you sit on the great lawn and enjoy live music (and beer/wine), then admire the illuminated glass works of Dale Chihuly at the Enid Haupt Conservatory and throughout the Gardens.

Dale Chihuly was the first American to study glass blowing on the island of Murano, Italy in the 1960’s.  He is currently in his late 70’s and continues to make larger than life glass art pieces which he shows workdwide.  The exhibition at NYBG is his largest in New York in over 10 years and showcases more than 20 installations spanning his career.


The sculptures during the day are gorgeous, but at night, illuminated, they are magical.  Wandering through the conservatory with its lush backdrop, you can’t help but be taken in.


It’s amazing that these delicate works of art make it around the world without being damaged.

My favorite sculpture is called Starburst, but sadly, the camera didn’t’ do it justice, so you’ll have to go see it for yourself.  It is on an outdoor path leading towards the Library, and I highly suggest the best seat of the house – sitting against the tree right in front, directly on the grass.

Nights and CHIHULY continue on Thursdays throughout the summer.


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