Halloween on the Upper West Side

Halloween is always fun in North America, you decorate your home, kids (and some adults) get dressed up, and you go trick or treating!  It’s especially fun with preschoolers, who love to be brave and check out all the fun neighbourhood decorations.

This was our second Halloween in NYC and here are some of the things we got up to.   First off, our school was closed for a PD day (not typical for NYC), but the Parents Association planned a Halloween party for the primary kids which was fun.   O and his friends were Ninjas, and it was hilarious watching them try to karate chop and kick a tree after the party.

Later that afternoon Hippo Park had its annual Halloween Parade into the playground where little superheroes and monsters eat donuts, drink apple cider and climb monkey bars in their costumes.  It was also fun catching up with some of the parents of the international students at school – some of which were experiencing their first Halloween ever.  The kids were really into it and it was so exciting for them.


In terms of trick or treating, some kids go door-to-door in the afternoon (like 3pm!) to the shops and bakeries along Broadway, Amsterdam or Columbus Avenues and are tired out by 5pm.  Others (like ours) trick or treat the apartment building after dinner. It is super convenient: no jackets required, and efficient:  you can run through the halls hitting up all the neighbours in record time.

About to go trick or treat the apartment building

After the building, our little Ninja really wanted to trick or treat at the scary “haunted house” on West End Ave and check out 87th street which became pedestrian only that night for the kids. It was an exciting night!

While we had a good time, this post would not be complete without mentioning the actual horror that happened on Halloween this year near the World Trade Center site.  Luckily our family was not impacted but it definitely made us more vigilant going out that night.   I actually found out after the fact that my friend’s husband’s was about to ride his bike home along that very path when one of his coworkers called him back up to the office for a last-minute discussion.  Then their office was in a lock-down for several hours. I still get the goosebumps thinking about this.

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